About Us

About Us

TFORTREES was established in 2007 to promote sustainable living. In 2012, we formed collaborations with dedicated teams who serve as our technology partners. This initiated the driving force to combat climate change with a “negative CO2” concept. TFORTREES is a politically independent, for-profit organization & social enterprise actively involved in creating sustainable environmental protection solutions, realizing innovative climate protection projects and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. GLOBAL GREEN SHALOM SALAM PEACE PRIZE for the best innovative Environmental Solutions Providers with $1 Million each of the 5 different faculties in Prize Money after our 3rd year of operations (2024) or sooner.
  • Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Building Construction
  • Transportaion
  • Sustainable Development
TFORTREES supports measures for effective climate protection, preserving natural habitats and reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere Our primary initiative is to plant 100 Billion trees worldwide within the next 5 – 10 years, though a formidable task, we will avail all the necessary tools by way of collaboration with Acadamians and also with the latest in tree plantation techniques. Our Hundred Billion Trees Initiative began in early 2012 with a global search for locations that would most benefit from our unique approach. Our first task is to determine the ecological footprint of our organization, as well as that of our collaborators, in an effort to make every company location and project climate neutral. We are committed to sustainability in agriculture with the central goal of achieving CO2 neutral farming that does not use any fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We at TFORTREES constantly work toward making internal processes as sustainable as possible. We also assess innovative climate protection products worldwide; important topics include
  • reducing emissions
  • reducing energy consumption and
  • promoting renewable energies

What we Stand for:

We strive to:

Promote the use of alternative energies

Minimize the environmental impact caused by humans

Identify and promote innovative solutions for alternative energy generation

Advocate for sustainable environmental protection

Support sustainable lifestyles

TforTrees is to reduce the negative impacts humans have had on our environment by means of innovative and sustainable environmental/climate protection projects. Our aim is to plant 100 Billion trees globally within the first 5 – 10 years, with many more billions to come in the years to follow. As it now stands, humanity will require 7 planet earths to keep up with exploitations of industrial expansion if we don’t change our ways. This is not sustainable and we at TforTrees plan on being a part of the total solution.


Global Green Shalom Salam Peace Prize

GLOBAL GREEN SHALOM SALAM PEACE PRIZE in 5 disciplines Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Literature worth $1 Billion each every year. This will be implemented or executed once we reach our threshold of 1 Billion Trees in the next 3 to 5 years or sooner. This will be decided by an independent Appointed Board from major Accounting Firms, Law Firms and Academia.

We will be establishing a Scholarship for the indigenous Students in Sustainable Studies in All Provinces and Territories to Reflect, Heal and Honor those Lives Taken by a Brutal Policy of Assimilation by Force, even if it meant to Take the Lives of those Innocent 😇 Children. May the Almighty Have Mercy on their Souls and They Rest In Peace! This is the least we could do for the Land that Gave us So Much and to others that Call Canada 🇨🇦 their New Chosen Home 🏡!!!