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Every year from 2011-2015 about 20 million hectares of forest was cut down. Then things started to speed up. Since 2016, an average of 28 million hectares have been cut down every year. That’s one football field of forest lost every single second around the clock.


  • Most economical means of mitigating Global Warming/Climate crisis.
  • Sequestration of CO2 in the easiest and fastest way possible, with the least amount of carbon emissions.
  • Corporations can have VER’s or CER’s for every ton of CO2 sequestered by our Trees, these will bring benefits to all concerned in the long run.
  • Will bring positive awareness to consumers as big corp is being environmentally responsible on the local and global scale.
  • Let T for Trees Make You Look Environmentally Responsible in the Eyes of your consumers
  • With TFORTREES, we can offset your Carbon Footprint to make your organization meet Net Zero status without having to retrofit or spend millions of dollars depending on the size of your operations, hence in the most economical way.
  • This could be part of the CSR of Small or Big corporations in the most responsible way.
  • Part of a Global Solution
  • Part of the Proceeds can and will be spent on local Socially Challenging issues.
  • Part of “GLOBAL GREEN SHALOM SALAM PEACE PRIZE” worth $1 Million each a total of $5 Million for the 5 most qualified individual or corporate entity that brings in a Solution for Global Implementation. This will be launched after 3 Years of reforestation, sooner should we achieve our minimum thresholds of 1 Billion Trees in the first year.

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How many trees are cut down every minute?

55600 Trees

200 000 acres of forest are cleared each day (deforestation ). That is 139 acres each minute. Assuming there are around 400 trees per acre (this depends greatly on the species, the age of the trees and if the area has been managed) making 55600 trees being destroyed every minute.

For mammoth exploitation of our Forest, we need to have a similar size of reforestation, for this, we at T for Trees International Inc. are appealing to individuals and major/minor corporate entities to take on the challenge for the benefit of all. T for Trees has negotiated a land lease program as a Social Enterprise in over 30 Developing Nations, as well as Australia, the USA, Central, and South America over 40 Million Acres of arid or semi-arid. Furthermore, for us to replace the number of trees cut down for commercial and personal use, we have to plant 80 million every day, TFORTREES has the manpower and land available to make this happen at the speed they’re being cut down, thus creating much-needed employment and socioeconomic benefits to developing nations.