My Footprint – Explanation

Regardless of what we do, we always have an impact on nature. We consume resources and produce both greenhouse gases and waste. Researchers refer to these human impacts on the environment using the vivid concept of an “ecological footprint”. It indicates how many hectares of productive land our planet has to provide in order to supply resources for an individual person, a company or a whole country.


TFORTREES gives you the opportunity to compensate your individual ecological footprint by supporting reforestation projects in multiple countries – please look at our map for partnered countries. You will always have a footprint, but supporting TforTrees projects will contribute to re-establish an ecological balance; ideally, it may even create a negative CO2 situation!

What We Do


Daily mobility, logistics and oil/gas production produces large amounts of emissions which have adverse impacts on the environment.

Individual solution:

Since completely giving up the use of vehicles, planes, fosill fuels and raw materials is impractical, one can reduce the environmental impact by simply changing mobility behavior; improve the “footprint” by switching to bicycles, renewable fuels and public transport, while encouraging massive freight to be moved by way of using biofuels, that are cleaner and greener.

Innovative solution:

TFORTREES is working towards creating a synthetic gas that could potentially fuel transit buses, major freight trucking company’s, taxis and other forms of mass transit.

What can each one of us do to behave in a more responsible and climate neutral way?

Support TFORTREES reforestation projects with your contribution in purchasing Polo Shirt/T-Shirt & a Ball Cap to compensate your ecological footprint! Every person in the world or developing nations needs to offset 20 tons of CO2. This means they need to plant 20 trees each to be carbon neutral. If you like to be in the negative, consider planting slightly more! By virtue of buying more  Polo Shirt/T-Shirt & a Ball Caps, we can have this situation moving towards a cleaner and greener world.

What are concrete impacts of the TforTrees projects on your personal ecological footprint?

Reforesting and afforesting barren, unused land can provide valuable wood which can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Wood can be used as fuel oil, to generate green electricity and power rural areas of the world, synthetic gas or kerosene. Thus, TforTrees promotes the use of renewable resources which reduce CO2 emissions. Afforestation increases carbon capture and sequestration while also helping to anthropogenically improve biodiversity (creates habitats for animals and plants alike). Forestry is also an important economic factor responsible for the creation of numerous national and international jobs.